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Final Learning Assessment

Question 1 – In what ways has the material you have learned in this course changed or influenced your understanding and/or expectations about human behavior and cognition? Give examples.   What I liked most about Psychology 100 was the variety of topics covered by the material and the availability of in-class discussion. Although the many […]

Psychological Disorders in Context

After you read each of the following four case studies, discuss and answer the questions below the case regarding the problem(s) that may or may not be present. Feel free to use your textbook or any other notes/resources you may have.  Remember, not every case will necessarily present you with a specific disorder and some […]

DSM Under Scrutiny

It is a very serious issue when a doctor or psychiatrist makes a diagnostic error and it becomes even more serious when the mistake results in such detrimental repercussions for the patient. An article by Paula Caplan describes this sort of situation where a young mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Caplan claims that the […]