Classical Conditioning

For each example below, identify the Unconditioned Stimulus (US), Unconditioned Response (UR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS), and Conditioned Response (CR).

Example:  At his old run-down apartment, every time someone flushed the toilet while Tom was taking a shower, he immediately jumped out from beneath the water because it would turn the water ice cold. Now that he is in a new, more modern apartment, the water no longer turns ice cold when someone flushes the toilet, however Tom still jumps.

US:  Water turning ice cold

UR:  Jumping out from underneath the water

CS:  Toilet flushing

CR:  Jumping out from underneath the water

1.       The overhead in Tom’s lab has a short circuit and gives him a shock every time he touches it. After a while Tom hesitates every time he is about to touch the overhead.

US:  Electric shock

UR: Pain and feelings of aversion towards the overhead

CS:  Touching the overhead

CR: Feelings of aversion towards the overhead

2.       Tom gets hungry every time he goes into the kitchen.

US:  Tom gets hungry

UR: Tom eats

CS:  Going into the kitchen

CR:  Tom gets hungry

3.       Tom’s eyes begin to water at the mere sight of cats because he is allergic to them.

US: Being around cats

UR: Allergic reaction

CS: The sight of a cat

CR: Eyes watering

4.       One of Toms friends has a night of excessive drinking, consuming many Vodka screwdrivers, and eating much pizza and salad with bacon bits. After becoming sick, she refuses to eat bacon bits.

US: Excessive drinking of vodka screwdrivers

UR: Becoming sick

CS: Eating bacon bits

CR: Feeling sick

5.       To stop bad habits, it is sometimes recommended that you put a rubber band around your wrist and snap it every time you notice yourself doing that behavior.

US: Snap of the rubber band around your wrist

UR: Slight pain and feeling of annoyance

CS:  Doing whatever you deemed to be a bad habit

CR: Unpleasant feelings

6.       Before you go in for a chemotherapy treatment, they often give you a distinctive food to eat. After treatment, you can’t stand that food.

US: Chemotherapy treatment

UR: Nausea and extreme feelings of sickness

CS:  Eating a distinctive food

CR: Feelings of nausea and sickness

7.       You meet a new person who’s cooking is very good. After a few meals you start to fall in love.

US: Very good food

UR: Good, happy feelings

CS:  The new person’s very good cooking

CR: Very good feelings towards the person

8.       Whenever you watch a scary show, you always have a big bowl of popcorn. Now you find that just having a bowl of popcorn makes you feel creepy. Later your scary show is canceled, and you start eating popcorn while watching Seinfeld. Now the popcorn makes you feel happy.

US: Scary show / Seinfeld

UR: Creepy, scared feelings / feelings of happiness

CS:  Eating popcorn

CR:  Creepy  feelings / feelings of happiness

9.       You always do your homework on your desk. After a very hard semester, you find that sitting at your desk depresses you.

US: Hard work required by a difficult semester

UR: Feelings of depression and mental strain

CS:  Sitting at your desk

CR:  Feelings of depression

10.    You want to quit smoking, so you sit at home and give yourself a shock every time you reach for a cigarette. Your smoking decreases. However, when you go out with your friends your smoking returns to the same level.

US: Electric shock

UR: Feelings of pain and discomfort

CS: Cigarette

CR: Feelings of discomfort and fear


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  1. This is a great concept that works for animals and humans conditioning

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