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Individual Learning Assessment

Question 1: In what ways has the material you have learned so far begun to change your understanding and/or expectations of psychology? Before beginning Psychology 100, I had never taken any sort of psychology course before and I honestly had a very limited knowledge of what psychology is and how it is used. Of course, […]

Observable Heuristics

Here is a link to David Ropeik’s article on why people maintain irrational fears. In this article, Ropeik uses a term he coined ‘perception gap’ to explain, not just how people maintain irrational fears, but why they do so. My assignment is to point out where explanations for why people maintain irrational fears coincide […]

Classical Conditioning

For each example below, identify the Unconditioned Stimulus (US), Unconditioned Response (UR), Conditioned Stimulus (CS), and Conditioned Response (CR). Example:  At his old run-down apartment, every time someone flushed the toilet while Tom was taking a shower, he immediately jumped out from beneath the water because it would turn the water ice cold. Now that […]