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Chapter 3 Concept Map

Here is a link to the concept map made by my group to cover the material on sensory perceptions. Advertisements

Neuroprocesses While On A Rollercoaster

Instructions: ¬†Working in groups of 3 or 4, choose a common activity in which each of you have participated or do participate (or with which you are at least familiar). For example, maybe everyone in your group enjoys dancing, watching television, or even working on a group project for a class. In any case, once […]

Electric Brain Stimulation and Math

The result of recent research has shown that electric stimulation of the brains pariental lobe can improve math skills. The math abilityof the research participants was observed to be enhanced up to six months after the brain stimulation. The question is how does electric stimulation of the brain result in an enhanced ability to do […]

Dr. Chew’s Study Habits

Based on his observations and research on student learning, Dr. Chew, psychology professor at Samford University, has prepared a series of five short but informative video clips explaining how to reinforce those beliefs that are accurate/implicit while changing those beliefs that are flawed. The end result should be that the more accurate our beliefs are […]